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Transparent Sealer ZTS-142 (Special)

Transparent Sealer ZTS-142 (Special)

Transparent Sealer ZTS-142This special UV resistant and high abrasion resistant “wet-look” clear coating is designed to be applied on floors and other surfaces that are subjected to pedestrian and light vehicular traffic. Applied on both exterior and interior surfaces, the coating is completely water proof, oil proof & weather resistant with very good leveling and gloss retention properties. Ideal for food, pharmaceutical and other industries where dust free, non-absorbent floor surface is required for aesthetic, hygiene or good manufacturing practices. Can be pigmented to desired shade.


  • Industrial Floors
  • Mosaic & Concrete Floors
  • Marbles & Granites
  • Coloured Plasters & Stones
  • Cement Pavers & Tiles
  • Aluminium Surfaces

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