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Repecoat RP-17/7

Repecoat RP-17/7

repecoat rp 17/7Zahabiya REPECOAT RP-17/7 is a water borne silicon based water repellent coating to impart hydrophobicity to a wide range of porous surfaces. With a unique balance of silane and siloxane chemistry, Zahabiya REPECOAT RP-17/7 provides excellent water repellent properties without forming surface layer; the coat remains invisible causing no change in the aesthetic attributes of the surface and maintaining very high degree of vapour permeability. Applied by brush or spray, this U/V & weather resistant penetrative coating significantly reduces problems of dirt pickup, rust stains, lime leaching (white marks), efflorescence, salt damage etc., destruction of reinforcements in concrete due to corrosion and growth of fungi, algae and other micro-organisms. Ideal for light colour surfaces where chances of colour change are higher with solvent based products.


  • Concrete & Mortars
  • Fare Face Concretes
  • Gypsum & Mineral Plasters
  • Natural & Artificial Stones
  • Marble & Granite
  • Brickworks & Block-Works

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