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Zahabiya’s Range of time tested Construction Chemicals provides a customer, complete solution to all problems under an umbrella of one brand. Being the pioneer in the manufacturing of such vast range of construction and waterproofing chemicals, esp. for climatic conditions in Pakistan and other tropical areas of the world, Zahabiya has been continuously involved in the research & development, taking advantage of the latest technologies available throughout the world.

Whether constructing a new project or renovating an old one, laying foundation/ plinth or finishing the job; constructing a basement or a roof; a residence or a multi storied building; fixing windows, tiles, claddings or stones; building roof gardens, flower beds, balconies or terraces; waterproofing roofs, water tanks; installing asbestos or metallic shades; filling up cracks, expansion or construction joints, we have the right product for your every need, which adds up to the value of your project by providing best protective and aesthetic solutions in a most economical way.

Zahabiya’s Construction related products have been used by thousands of industrial, commercial and residential consumers throughout Pakistan. These include Shopping Malls, Universities, Foreign Embassies and Consulates, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Industries, Multi-National Companies and other reputable industries & institutes of Pakistan.

Range Of Construction Products:

  • High Strength Concrete Additives
  • Old to New Concrete Bonding Agents
  • Integral Water Proofing Systems
  • Repair Mortars
  • Water Proof Coatings for Roofs, Basements, Tanks, Swimming Pools, Plinth, Concrete Slabs etc.
  • Solar Reflective Roof Coatings
  • Water Repellent Coatings
  • Rust Protective Coatings
  • Flame Retardant Coatings
  • Floor Coatings & Marking Paints
  • Exterior Paints for Extreme Climates
  • Crack Sealants
  • Expansion & Construction Joint Sealants
  • Carpentry & Other Specialized Adhesives


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