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Sealing Compound ZSC-13/68

Sealing Compound ZSC-13/68 (Tile Fixing Grade)

Sealing Compound ZSC-13/68Zahabiya Sealing Compound (T/F Grade ZSC-13/68) is the most effective one component sealant for pasting / fixing Ceramic, Marble, Wooden and Vinyl Tiles thereby eliminating the use of cement mixture. This material has many advantages over the conventional tile adhesives such as safe to use, non-shrinking & non-cracking, rapid strength development, quick commissioning of tiled area and high bond strength of tiles with variety of substrates including concrete, wood and metal. Excellent for areas where the substrate to be tiled has elastic behaviour e.g. plywood/ metal floors& partitions.


  • Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles
  • Marbles & Granites
  • PVC Tiles & Flooring
  • Laminates

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