About Us

About Us

Zahabiya Chemical Industries, established in 1972 is acknowledged as the renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of Construction, HVACR, Engineering, Automobile & Packaging related Adhesives, Sealants, Water Proofing & Weather Protective Coatings and Compounds. Situated at Export Processing Zone, Karachi, Pakistan, Zahabiya is producing high quality products, fulfilling International Standards & 21st century’s requirements of Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous “Human Friendly/Environmentally Acceptable” Products.

The wide range of time-tested products offered are backed with the professional experience of more than 4 decades, specifically manufactured under the strict quality management system of ISO 9001:2008 to give best quality products to its customers. Zahabiya, being purely Pakistani in origin and the pioneer in its field, is continuously providing cost effective quality products and solutions to its esteemed customers throughout Pakistan as well as abroad in various fields.

With continuous R&D and adaption to new emerging technologies, we have always tried to indigenously develop the products which are least detrimental to the environment. Due to good market acceptability, brand  recognition and economical prices, Zahabiya has been awarded “Brands of the Year Award” for successive from 2009 to 2012 & “Export Brands of the Year Award” from 2013 to 2015 under Specialty and Construction Chemicals which testifies its products “Quality, Reliability & Market Acceptance”.

Zahabiya is also registered with E-n-C’s Branch, Military Engineering Services and Pakistan Armed Forces for its Construction & HVAC related products.

Zahabiya ISO 2001 Certificate Bureau Vertitas   Zahabiya Chemicals Brand of the year awards   pvs_pka

Zahabiya’s Fields of Activities: 

  1. Range of Civil Construction related Cement Additives, Waterproofing and Protective Products esp. Weather Resistant Coatings for abnormal climatic zones, U-PVC/ C-PVC Pipe Cement, Cementitious & Non-Cementitious based Tile Adhesives, Grouting Additives, Soil Compaction Binder, Super Plasticisers, Water Repellent Coatings, Expansion and Construction Joint Sealants, Crack Repair Putties etc.
  2. Engineering related Adhesives, Sealants, Rust Protective coatings & Compounds.
  3. Products meant for HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) industry including that for Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and Deep Freezers manufacturing.
  4. Tins, Cans, Drums/ Barrels , Metallic Collapsible Tubes Lining & Sealing Compounds, Twist Off Cap Compounds, Lid Gasket Compound, Side Seam Sealers (External/ Internal) etc.
  5. Automobile Manufacturing / Assembling related Adhesives, Sealants, Rust Proofing and other Compounds, Sound Deadening Compound and Cavity Sealers.
  6. Adhesives, Sealants and Compounds for Automotive & Industrial Air Filters, Oil and Diesel Filters Manufacturing including PVC Plastisols, Paper to Metal Adhesives, Paper to Plastic & Paper to Paper Adhesive etc.
  7. Glues and Lacquers for Paper & Board Packaging, Fast Labeling Glues, Heat-Seal Coatings, Lamination Coating, Water Resistant Glues etc.
  8. Carpentry Adhesives, Wood Protective Lacquers, Formica and Lamination Adhesives

Quality Policy :

We, ZAHABIYA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, the producer of quality products, believe firmly that the product quality is the backbone of our Industry. Whatever the circumstances may be, we do not compromise on product quality for achieving and maintaining confidence of our customers.
The management assures and is committed about the proper implementation of ISO 9001:2015 system in its true spirit with the help and cooperation of our sincere staff and members to develop quality in all our process and procedures.
Wherever possible, ZAHABIYA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES is always prepared to provide our valued clients, tailor-made “Human Friendly & Environmentally Acceptable” products to satisfy their requirements up to their entire satisfaction and are engaged all the time to manufacture best and perfect materials, keeping in view of its economy as well.
ZAHABIYA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES is morally committed for all our manufactured products in respect of their ultimate consumption and their perfect end use by rendering our services and sharing our vast experience, sincere advice to our clients about the fruitful utilization, even after Exports have been executed. ZCI is also committed to continually improve the Quality Management System wherever/whenever possible.
The end result for all the exercise to run our factory in the above manner is not only the profitability but to uphold our goodwill attained since 1972. The same traditional practice will still be cautiously adopted under the guidance of ISO 9001:2015 regulations.

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