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Transparent Sealer ZTS-141

Transparent Sealer ZTS-141

Transparent Sealer ZTS-141Zahabiya Transparent Sealer ZTS-141 is a vinyl copolymer based solvent borne clear lacquer & sealer usable for industrial & commercial sealing problems wherever neat & clean leakage repairing or surface protection is required. It quickly dries into a clear, strongly bonded glossy film with very high water, oil, acid & alkali resistant properties. It has excellent adhesion on both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces, making it ideal rust protective sealer. Also used to fill and sanitary seal pin holes, hairline cracks & minor leakage of liquids & oxidizing gases.


  • Iron Bars & Structures
  • Seam Joints
  • Iron Gates & Doors
  • Windows & Grills
  • Wooden Surfaces

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