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Corroex UW21

Corroex UW21

Corroex UW21 is a versatile, 100% solid epoxy based anti corrosive mastic for use in dry, wet and under water conditions. With its unique ability to cure underwater, accompanied with high impact and abrasion resistance, this quick and easy to use putty-like mastic is ideal for many applications. It has excellent sag resistance for application to vertical or inclined surfaces. Corroex UW21 can be used for repairing pits, cracks and voids in steel, concrete, wood and other surfaces. Its very high corrosion resistance properties make it ideal for application in most demanding conditions including in marine, seaports, jetties and large storage silos and tanks. Its surface tolerant properties are ideal for all those applications where complete rust/ oil/ moisture removal is not possible, making it an ideal product for retrofit applications.


  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industrial Complexes
  • Splash/ Tidal Zone Construction
  • Dams & Reservoirs
  • Seaports & Jetties
  • Under Water or Submerged Applications

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