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Corroex HB-90FG

Corroex HB-90FG

Corroex HB-90FG is a versatile, high solid, potable water safe, high
performance epoxy based coating with excellent anti corrosive
properties. The coating cures rapidly, even at low temperatures giving
a very good, robust coating that resists normal wear and tear. Its
unique surface tolerant properties make it ideal for applications on
surfaces which cannot be sand blasted cleaned or where there are
traces of rust. Not requiring a primer, the coating can be applied in 2
to 3 rich coats to get the desired thickness for long lasting protection.
Corroex HB-90FG also gives good adhesion on damp or humid
surfaces. Designed from resin and hardener system compliant to
indirect food contact regulations, Corroex HB-90FG can be used in all
such applications where there may be contact with potable water.


  • Reverse Osmosis Plants & Tanks
  • Food & Pharmaceutical Factories
  • Water Tanks & Reservoirs

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