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Acryseal ZSP-1183

Acryseal ZSP-1183

Zahabiya® Acryseal ZSP-1183 is an acrylic copolymer based
economical caulk with very good water resistance, flexibility, weather & UV resistance properties. The product is ideal for use as a general purpose caulk for filling gaps and joints where low movement or flexibility is required such as bathroom tubs, sinks and tile grouts etc. The product is non-toxic, anti-fungal and has excellent bond on variety of building materials such as wood, PVC, aluminum etc.


  • General Purpose Caulk
  • Joint Sealing of Pre-Fabricated Building elements
  • Aluminium, Wooden and PVC door and window frame sealing
  • Bath Tubs & Sinks Caulking
  • Tile Grout

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