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Admix C

Admix C

Zahabiya ® Admix C is a single component, additive for cement
especially designed to impart integral waterproofing properties to
concrete. The product comprises of unique active chemicals which
through series of chemical reactions forms an insoluble crystalline
material that precipitates inside the pores and capillaries of the
concrete structure, sealing them against the passage of water. In this way, concrete is permanently sealed / waterproofed against both positive and negative water pressure, even in high pressure applications. The crystals remain permanently active inside concrete and can self-heal/ seal future cracks up to 0.4mm, provided water is present.


  • Plinth, Lean, Foundations etc.
  • Marine or Coastal Structures
  • Basements, Retaining Walls & Floors
  • Dams & Canals
  • Water Tanks, Swimming Pools & Reservoirs
  • Tunnels and Bridges
  • Pre-Cast Structures
  • Parking Structures, Silos etc

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