Zahabiya Chemcial Industries, Karach, Pakistan - ISO Certified - Adhesives, Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing & Sealing Compounds for multifarious industrial and commercial utilities
Cement Admixtures, Waterproof Coatings, Crack Fillers, Expansion & Construction Joint Sealants, Rust Protective Coating & other products for Civil Construction applications.
Insulation Adhesives, Vapour Barrier & Flame Retardant Coatings & other sealants and coatings for HVACR applications.
Seam Joint & Electrical Insulating Sealants, Rust Protective Coatings, & other related products for Engineering & allied industries.
Sealing Compounds for Tin Cans, Drums & Barrel Manufacturing. Twist-off Cap Compounds, Side Seam Sealers & other compounds for Metal Packaging.
Adhesives for Book Binding, Paper & Card Board Packaging, Plastic & Glass Bottles Labeling, Heat Seal Lacquer, Wood Work and Carpentry Adhesives.
Seam Joint Sealers, Rust Protective & Sound Deadening Coatings & other products for Automobile Manufacturing & Assembling.
Adhesives & Plastisols for Air, Oil, Fuel Filter (Automotive Filter) Manufacturing.

Zahabiya Chemical Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, engaged in the manufacturing of adhesives, sealants, coatings and other related products since 1972. Zahabiya is proud to state that it is the pioneer in the manufacturing of such a wide range of chemical products in Pakistan, fulfilling the needs of its esteemed customers with quality, economy and satisfaction. We also take pride in declaring that we are Registered/Enlisted as the Permanent Manufactures/Suppliers to the Military Engineering Services, Pakistan Army throughout Pakistan, which bears testimony of our products and services ‘Quality & Reliability’.

"As a recognition to our high quality indegenous products and professional services since almost 4 decades, Zahabiya has been awarded the Brands of the Year Award 2009 under Civil Construction and Specialty Chemicals"

This website gives you an insight about the wide range of products Zahabiya is manufacturing. The website has been designed to provide maximum possible information to our customers at their fingertips. For ease of browsing, the products have been categorized based on intended application or the relevant industrial sectors.

Mission Statement:

Zahabiya Chemical Industries has always endeavored to provide best products and services to our valued customers for their every need. Since requirements of each industry differ appreciably from every other, we realize this need and also provide tailor made products to our customers. With a well equipped R & D Lab, professional and skilled staff, we strive to give our customers nothing less than the best, incorporating the latest technologies and trends of the market, providing a customized solution to every problem of the related industry.

Certificate Brand of the Year