Sealants for Automobile Industry




Zahabiya specialized in producing high quality adhesives and sealants for Automobile Assembling & Automotive Filter Manufacturing Industry. We take extra care in producing products that are best for the intended applications, economical and most human & environment friendly. Our Products include:

Automobile Assembling Industry:

  • Seam Joint Sealants
  • Multi-Purpose Sealants
  • Cavity Sealers
  • Rust Protective Undercoats & Sealers
  • Sound Deadening Compounds
  • Various Types of Adhesives for different components.
  •  Shock Absorbent Putty

Automotive Filters Manufacturing:

  • PVC based Moulding Compound of Different Shore Hardness
  • Paper to Metal Adhesive (room temperature curing)
  • Paper to Metal Adhesive (oven curing)
  • Plastic to Paper Adhesive
  • Adhesive for CAV Filters
  • Adhesive for Aluminium Spool and Paper
  • Sealing Compound for Oil/ Fuel Filters
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