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Metal Packaging

Metal Packaging


Back in 1972, Zahabiya started its manufacturing industry by producing sealants for metal packaging industry. Since then, Zahabiya has been catering for the need of this packaging sector by providing cost effective, quality products, fulfilling the needs of its local and global customers with satisfaction.

Currently, Zahabiya is producing high quality adhesives & sealants for Drums, Barrels, Tin Cans, & Collapsible Tubes manufacturing industry. It also the proud distinction of being the only export oriented industry in the organized sector of Pakistan, producing such a wide range of Sealing Compounds for Metal Packaging Industry. Being the pioneer, Zahabiya has very successfully and economically replaced the products of most reputed multinational brands.

Range of Products:

  1. Economical Can Sealing Compounds for general purpose cans, cans meant for dry products, lube oil, edible oils, greases and other non-aggressive products – for nozzle, shower head and die stamping applications.
  2. Special multi-purpose Can Sealing Compounds for dairy and food products, cans which will undergo pasteurization or retorting, cans for lacquers, paints, insecticides, pesticides, thinners and other medium aggressive/ corrosive products – for nozzle, shower head and die stamping applications.
  3. Seam Doping Compounds.
  4. Multipurpose Drum Sealing Compounds.
  5. PVC Plastisol based Can & Drum Sealing Compounds, which after oven curing have high solvent resistance and can be used for cans meant for aggressive solvents and lacquers.
  6. Internal and External Side Seam Sealers.
  7. Lacquer to repair pin holes, rust protective sealer for lugs, spot welding joints etc.
  8. Twist Off Cap Compounds.
  9. Crown Cap Compounds.
  10. Plastisol based lid sealant for metallic pails to keep the lid hermetically sealed.
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