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ConcrePlaste CP-16/40

ConcrePlaste CP-16/40

High Range Water Reducing (Super Plasticiser) Admixture

It is a naphthalene sulphonic acid based, chloride free, low sulphate content water reducing admixture for cement conforming to ASTM C494 type A & D with super plasticisation properties. The product has been formulated to provide improved workability at low water to cement
ratio (up to 22% water reduction), producing higher compressive strength concrete. The admixture produces more denser concrete, thus helping in reducing steel reinforcement bar corrosion. Apart from cement/ concrete, it is equally effective for gypsum, anhydrite and other hydraulic binders.


  • Ready Mix & Pre-Cast Concretes
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Bridges & Flyovers
  • Dams & Canals

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