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Transparent Sealer TS -141

Transparent Sealer TS -141

Transparent Sealer TS -141This solvent borne, vinyl copolymer based clear (transparent) product has excellent rust protective properties. The coating is waterproof & oil proof with excellent bond on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, making it an ideal barrier coating. In filter industry, the product is used externally for repairing leaky filters, to fill up and seal and minute pores / pin holes which are rejected and eventually destroyed during testing/quality control process. Also used as rust protection lacquer for all metal components.

In automobile industry, it is useful as the clear sealer esp. at under body sealing areas to protect from rusting/ oxidation and as the protective coat, resisting weather variations. TS-141 is also applied on all close joints for perfect vapour barrier,water proof, and non-rusting lacquer. It quickly dries up into a clear, strongly bonded glossy film. The cured protective film becomes tough, shock, impact and abrasion resistant. ZTS-141 is recommended as an adhesion promoter (primer coat) on metallic surfaces,applied before epoxy/ polyester powder coating. It is also used to make seams and joints leakage free in Automobile, Engineering and Metal Fabrication Industry.

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