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Sealing Gum – ZSG-12/99

Sealing Gum – ZSG-12/99

sealing-gumZahabiya Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99 is an elastomeric & ever-sticky sealant possessing superior, cohesion, tack& elongation properties. It is dense, flexible and non-hardening putty with excellent ageing properties. Use able wherever the maintenance of water-tight (cold/hot),air/gas tight seal is required with very good adhesion on metallic, wooden and plastic surfaces. The product is weather resistant, water& oil proof, fire retardant, non-conductor to electricity, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, non-cracking, non-toxic and safe in handling. Typically, Sealing Gum is used for sealing laps/ seams in metal fabrication and sealing. It is also effective as shock absorbent and sound deadener seal.

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