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Twist Off Cap Compound VC-808

Twist Off Cap Compound VC-808

Twist Off Cap Compound VC-808Twist Off Cap Compound VC-808 is Vinyl Resin based, heat curing one component liquid gasket compound, used in Twist-Off Caps and other metallic caps to provide a soft, air-tight seal/gasket to prevent any possible leakage. On perfect (heat) curing, the liquid forms a flexible gasket, un-affected by atmospheric variations.The cured gasket is Non-Toxic, Non-Poisonous, Non-Oxidising & Non-Rusting to Tin Plate/TFS and other metals,provided used as supplied. Suitable specifically for the Metallic Lacquered Caps/Lids used to close glass bottles/jars for a wide range of food products.

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