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Seam Dope SD-04

Seam Dope SD-04

Seam Dope SD-04Seam Dope is a water-based gummy dope possessing excellent film forming properties which on air drying provides an air-tight seam of the container ends. This is used wet on the assembly line, which on perfect drying transforms into a non-brittle and non-sticky invisible plastic gasket. Mainly used for cans made with unlined tops/bottoms. However, often used with lining compound applied ends too, to overcome on line deficiencies resulting in leakages of cans from top/bottom seams such as sheet temper variations, chuck plate/seaming roller being worn out, play in the seaming machine head etc. Three grades: SD-041 (Regular), SD-042 (Super) and SD-043 (Special) are available. Seam Dope Special ZSD- 043 is a broad spectrum sealant with excellent gasket formation. The product is safe in handling, non-toxic and non-rusting to tinplate. Please consult product’s literature to select the grade which best suits your requirements.

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