Duct Sealant for GI ducts


Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99

Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99

Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99Zahabiya Sealing Gum ZSG-12/99 is a sticky textured, flexible non-hardening elastomeric sealant/ putty possessing high cohesion, tack, elongation and excellent non-ageing properties. As a Duct Sealant in Central Air-Conditioning (HVAC), it is used during installation and maintenance as a water tight, air/gas tight, vapour barrier, weather resistant & non-cracking soft seal with very good adhesion on various surfaces. At all such special jobs & places where removable elastic insulating sealant is needed, the product is ideal. Being satisfactorily used in Air Conditioners, Refrigerators & Deep Freezers manufacturing since last 40 years as elastic putty, ZSG-12/99 is also used for sealing laps/ seams in mechanical sheet metal fabrication and sealing the expansion joints in Air Conditioning Ducts (Medium and High Velocity).


  • Water & Oil Proof
  • Gas tight & Vapour Barrier
  • Ever Flexible & non-hardening
  • More than 800% elongation
  • U/V, ozone & weather resistant.
  • Non-magnetic & non-conductor of electricity
  • Non-toxic and safe in handling.

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